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About Tuscan Hospitality

Tuscan Hospitality specializes in a diverse portfolio of hospitality services.

Tuscan Hospitality includes Tuscan Hill, our event property for large events like weddings, fundraising galas, or corporate retreats, and for small events like anniversary parties, corporate board meetings and bridal showers.


Tuscan Hill was birthed because of Julie and Meredith's passion for all things space, as well as taste -- the business and essence of "hospitality." Their passion, combined with decades of business and leisure travel experiences, led them to their next creation, Vibrant Space, which celebrates all things full of life. Vibrant Space also serves as a platform for Meredith and Julie to document their personal journeys, including the unique experiences of living and working in a venue. 


Meredith and Julie’s documentation of personal journeys on Vibrant Space led to the addition of Journeys, which Tuscan Hospitality is now the home to. You can get the personal experience of Journeys when you join us. Meredith will be leading Journeys in 2018 and hitting some of the best spots in the country. The Journeys will be luxury, boutique travel experience where we book your airfare, transportation and accommodations, and plan a special chef-prepared dinner experience and one other curated regional experience . . . wine tasting in Napa, or a film festival in Palm Springs, anyone?


Let us visit your venue or hotel and our Consulting team will provide you with thorough, thoughtful feedback on everything positive, as well as the not-so-positive, to help you operate more smoothly, increase your revenue, and bring your operation from good to great.

Looking for a way to better remember your wedding day? Don't limit yourself to just your photos, video, scrapbooks and memory. Let our Loveography team create a wraparound story that will include the photos, video and scrapbook elements. We are writers and love documenting your wedding story from first date through honeymoon. Through Tuscan Hospitality’s Loveography, we capture the detail in words that pictures and video alone may not.

To learn more, visit Tuscan Hospitality here

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