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The Vine at TUSCAN HILL Welcomes:

1)  Small Business Entrepreneurs to use our spaces for FREE for 12 months.

Just as is, we can support FOUR small business entrepreneurs (practitioners and consultants) to carry on their business at Tuscan Hill for FREE for up to 12 months.  With additional personnel and widening our lane we can support a full FORTY small businesses.  


Contact us if you are a small business entrepreneur at risk for losing your business, or the space where you practice your business.  We ask nothing of the small businesses except to consider joining us in pouring 10% of new net revenue back into our local non profits that have been on the front lines addressing food and shelter insecurities of our community.

2)  Our community to help us increase from serving FOUR to serving FORTY small businesses for FREE for 12 months.

This is a NOW moment. We are looking for BIG HEARTS to simply be intentional about planned spending. We want YOU to allow US to serve your specific business meeting needs so that together WE can serve more of our small business community for FREE. The more resources we have to work with NOW, the more newly-unemployed we can hire, and so, the more small businesses we can support at the venue. 

So if you love our vision and our strategy resonates with you to: 

  • Provide our many spaces for FREE to 40 small businesses; and

  • Employ from among the newly-unemployed to help support the small business relief effort; and

  • Pour 10% back into our nonprofits that address food and shelter insecurities, then . . .


Here are three ways you, the community, can help us help others:


  • BOOK your meetings and events with us; OR

  • BUY a meeting or event day to be scheduled as gathering restrictions lift; OR

  • Maybe you simply love to give and our strategy to use what we have in our hands to help others resonates with you, then

       DONATE on our GoFundMe page

Watch our video:


Together we will GIVE our way through this crisis.  

For more details visit 



ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Saving Small Businesses.


Small Business candidates that would be most suitable for working in our spaces here:

  • Practitioners who meet with 1-3 clients in a single session.

  • Like-minded credentialed practitioners in the areas of spirit, mind and body wholeness, such as:

    • Business Consultant

    • Nutrition Expert

    • Life Coach

    • Massage Therapist

    • Counselor

    • Reflexologist

    • Fitness Coach

    • Acupuncture

    • Marriage and Family Therapy

    • and so much more, just ask

  • Public Speakers in need of meeting space for workshops and conferences

  • Chefs now without a kitchen space

  • Creatives with talent that should be demonstrated, recorded and shared with the world

Non profit organizations addressing food and shelter insecurities:


We will add to this list daily.  If you are a nonprofit who should be on this list and are willing to share our press release with your supporters, call us to add your non profit to the list. Your supporters who book with us can request we direct our 10% net revenue contribution to your organization.  Your supporters who donate through the GoFundMe campaign, can request we direct to you a 3% gross revenue contribution.

  •  Victory Mission

END OF ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Saving Small Businesses.



Want to keep up with our progress via newsletter?

  • Join our email newsletter list by subscribing below.

Like Free?

  • Check out FreeMeets under Private Events and lead or attend a meeting

Needing to lower your overhead expenses while rebuilding steam in your own business? 

Contact us about doing what you do, but doing it here.  We have multiple spaces in our 8000 sf home/building on our gated 12 acre property for like-minded practitioners in the areas of spirit, mind and body wholeness.  So, whether you are a Nutrition Expert, a Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Christian Counselor, Reflexologist, Fitness Coach, Acupuncturist, or have credentialing in Marriage and Family Therapy or other professional, contact us.  It will take a village to help our community rebuild and flourish and we want to be positioned for such a time as this!


Do you speak publicly about any of the noted areas above, or in the area of helping small business entrepreneurs with starting or scaling?  Contact us. We are planning conferences for just on the other side of the global community crisis.

Are you a chef?

We are opening our amazing kitchen to chefs to share their skill with the world through our YouTube channel and paid subscriptions to your Zoom lives.  

Looking for part-time work?

  • Refer clients to us and receive a referral fee

  • Interview with us and become a 1099 contract laborer, working with us to market and book space for an agreed upon percent of sale

Needing a venue space for your event?

  • Book your events with us

  • Bring friends and enjoy a Murder Mystery

  • Corporate clients -- book multiple events and receive a discount

We will be EXPANDING to INCREASE CAPACITY and Level of Service to our COMMUNITY and beyond:

Consider being a part of our expansion which will include: 

  • Build 6000 sf building for conferences, events, retreats and workshops 

  • Complete commercial kitchen in existing building

  • Connect the two buildings by hallway

  • Add sidewalks connecting each structure

  • Widen and pave an extra lane from street to back parking

Do you have knowledge of skill with electrical, plumbing, mechanical or construction?

  • Contact us


Like trades?

  • Exchange/trade your expertise for use of our venue. Bring your expertise in exchange for future use of the venue and be among a growing list of contributors to be acknowledged on opening day and ongoing. 

Are you an investor looking for good soil?

  • Maybe we are the good soil


Are you a student within a Hospitality or Event Management degree program?

  • Intern with us for a summer


Are you a university with a construction management, architectural, interior design, or other degree program? 

  • Make our project your project.

Love our vision and mission and would enjoy serving?

  • Let’s talk

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