Tuscan Hill was the first of the Tuscan Hospitality entities. Julie and Meredith moved onto the large estate in March of 2009 and began unfolding their dream of a gathering place for all of life's special occasions! Stay updated with their adventures by subscribing to the monthly newsletter.

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Conferences, Workshops, Micro weddings, Holiday Parties, Murder Mystery Dinners, Couples Retreats, Women's Retreats in Springfield  MO & Southwest MO

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History  |  Purpose Shift  |  Build  |  Opportunities

A Little History -- Tuscan Hill has served Springfield and Southwest Missouri for a full 11 years in March 2020.  We have hosted every imaginable celebration from weddings to executive leadership conferences to nonprofit fundraising to direct sale product parties to women’s retreats to showers, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and baptisms, and so much more. 


A Purpose Shift -- And while we will always serve our local community in all of these ways, we are transitioning and positioning to become known locally, regionally, nationally, and perhaps internationally, as a Conference, Event and Retreat Center. To better describe our shift in primary purpose, we have added depth to our name with just three small words -- “The Vine at Tuscan Hill.” 

Inspired by John 15:5, we want “The Vine at Tuscan Hill,” to positively impact not only our local community but to expand its reach to other communities and regions. We want “What happens at The Vine” . . . to  have exponential reach to positively impact well beyond the 12 acres here!


We have to expand to fulfill the purpose  -- When construction is complete, individuals, businesses, nonprofits and churches will be able to book our 6000 sf Conference, Event and Retreat Center.  Tuscan Hill will also bring speakers and musicians to our stage. Those events will be open to the public. The Retreat Center will host multi-day events with lodging for leadership and staff.

New Facilities Detail --

The existing building will house our large commercial kitchen and with that, we will be able to prepare fresh for all events.

A hallway will connect the existing building to a new 6000 sf structure with a mostly open floor plan to accommodate larger events. Within that large structure will be movable partitions to accommodate for smaller business meetings and other gatherings throughout the week.  The current 3600 sf concrete tent pad will become the patio to the new 6000 sf structure. 

The buildings will be designed to follow the architectural style and design of the home.  The grounds will be similarly manicured and landscaped with sidewalks added. We have plans for a vineyard to be planted on the northern facing slope on the front lawn. We have plans for flower gardens for fresh floral arrangements, as well as herb gardens to provide fresh ingredients for our culinary staff.

The large new structure will host large events, conferences and retreats. The public may book it for a business conference or receptions.  The assembly space will also be used for smaller events, cooking demonstrations, pop-up dinners, luxury paint nights, murder mystery dinners and more. Tuscan Hill will bring nationally-known speakers on topics near to our hearts such as “Inviting God to Work”, “Partnering with the God of the Universe to impact our Community”, worship concerts, as well as business ideation, incubation and business scaling workshops.


Want to become more connected and involved with The Vine at Tuscan Hill? Want to follow our progress as we find ways to increase capital to build and complete this project for the benefit of our community?  Here are some ways .   .   .



  • Needing to lower your overhead expenses while rebuilding steam in your own business?  Contact us about doing what you do, but doing it here.  We have multiple spaces in our 8000 sf home/building on our gated 12 acre property for like-minded practitioners in the areas of spirit, mind and body wholeness.  So, whether you are a Nutrition Expert, a Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Christian Counselor, Reflexologist, Fitness Coach, Acupuncturist, or have credentialing in Marriage and Family Therapy or other professional, contact us.  It will take a village to help our community rebuild and flourish and we want to be positioned for such a time as this!

  • Do you speak publicly about any of the noted areas above, or in the area of helping small business entrepreneurs with starting or scaling?  Contact us. We are planning conferences for just on the other side of the global community crisis.

  • Are you a chef? We are opening our amazing kitchen to chefs to share their skill with the world through our YouTube channel and paid subscriptions to your Zoom lives.  

HELP US EXPAND to INCREASE CAPACITY and Level of Service to our COMMUNITY and beyond:

  • We are considering a "GoFundMe" and/or a Facebook Fundraising project. We will announce when we make that determination. Consider contributing and sharing the information with others.  The funds will be used for these items and more:

    • Build 6000 sf building for conferences, events, retreats and workshops 

    • Complete commercial kitchen in existing building

    • Connect the two buildings by hallway

    • Add sidewalks connecting each structure

    • Widen lane from street to back parking

    • Pave the lane addition from street to back parking 

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  • Refer clients to us and receive a referral fee

  • Interview with us and become a 1099 contract laborer, working with us to market and book space for an agreed upon percent of sale

Needing a venue space for your event?

  • Book your events with us

  • Bring friends and enjoy a Murder Mystery

  • Corporate clients -- book multiple events and receive a discount


Do you have knowledge of skill with electrical, plumbing, mechanical or construction?

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Like trades?

  • Exchange/trade your expertise for use of our venue. Bring your expertise in exchange for future use of the venue and be among a growing list of contributors to be acknowledged on opening day and ongoing. 

Are you an investor looking for good soil?

  • Maybe we are the good soil


Are you a student within a Hospitality or Event Management degree program?

  • Intern with us for a summer


Are you a university with a construction management, architectural, interior design, or other degree program? 

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