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Our Tuscan Hill mission statement reads: “To bless and honor all who come through our gates to celebrate life’s significant moments.” Who better to throw open our gates to than our Nonprofits in Springfield and our surrounding communities? We LOVE and APPRECIATE their missions and visions and the much-needed services they bring to our community . . . so much so that we have revamped our business model and elevated our approach to accommodate Nonprofits (NPs). At Tuscan Hill, we believe that when we host an NP and their 200+ guests, we exponentially increase the number who can be reached and so together we can positively impact the lives of thousands of hurting people!


We intend to take a more active role to increase awareness of the work of our NPs. We intend to focus in on, “cater to” and lift up those who serve our community so well. We intend to accomplish these objectives in these ways:


  1. We are making room in our calendar for Nonprofits (NPs) to take center stage. Our dream is to see 25% of our available calendar dates used for NP events such as Fundraising Banquets,Donor Appreciation Events, and Volunteer “Thank-You” Dinners for the massive number of volunteers it takes to accomplish carrying out the intricate details of the NP’s mission and vision.

  2. As always, we offer NPs any available date on our calendar for 10% less.

  3. A portion of every Tuscan Hill Community Event will benefit one or more of our local NPs. Our Community Events include Pop-up Dinners, Holidays on the Hill Events, Murder Mystery Nights, Yoga on the Lawn, Concert Series, and Luxury Paint Nights.

  4. Provide the first business meeting for any 501(c)(3) organization for FREE.

  5. Freedom to use any of our offerings (trips, tickets to community events, or Tuscan Hill event space) as much-reduced auction items at any NP event held anywhere.

  6. Offer a FREE business meeting to all Corporate Sponsors who would like to sponsor a NP's fundraising event at Tuscan Hill.

  7. Offer a FREE large event to all Corporate Sponsors who would like to partner with us to provide a 3-year sponsorship for an NP to hold fundraising events at TH.

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