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What does that mean?   If you are meeting for any of the purposes listed below and your participants attend for free, we welcome you to meet at Tuscan Hill for free. Message us through the "Contact" tab to ask questions or sign up. We are always looking for leaders and coaches, so let us know if that is you!

Vibrant Space Journeys  -- Love to travel, but would enjoy it even more with the safety and camaraderie of a social group travel experience?  Join up with others to discuss and plan the next destination! 

Healthy ME Initiatives -- While there are those who have everything working really well in their lives, many of us don't.  Join up to share tips and strategies for finding freedom in this year!

  • Eating well

  • Moving well

  • Breathing & Stretching

  • Healthy relationships

  • Healthy parenting

  • Healthy workplace

MicroChurch meetings -- Bring your meetings to our peaceful property.  Message us and request application.

Small Home Groups -- Use our home as your home for your home group.  Message and request application. 

Transforming our City -- What would it look like to bring the biggest hearts and the best minds into the same space and together invite God to partner with us to find solutions to the systemic issues of our city? 

  • Poverty and the accompanying food and shelter insecurities

  • Our mentally ill residents

  • Our alcohol and drug issues

  • Our aging residents

  • Raising kids in a one-parent generation

  • Limited recourse for discipline issues in the classroom

Business Brainstorming & Dialoguing

  • Business Ideation

  • Business Incubation

  • Business scaling

  • Valuing our most precious resource -- People

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