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While our venue is currently under no Covid-related restrictions, and haven't been since 6/17/20, we all know from experience that can change.  We understand first-hand how hard 2020 has been for couples who just want to get married and haven't been able to . . . yet.  We hope all that changes going forward.  Even though our permit allows us to  accommodate 200+ wedding guests, we are hearing from industry analysts and our current and future couples that SMALL is preferred for 2021 and 2022.  No one wants to plan big and then have to scale back at the last minute.  We are typically getting requests for 50 or fewer total guests.  Those who have gone small tell me that is was so enjoyable to focus on fewer family and friends. And spending less is always a plus.

To that end, we have answered the "CALL FOR SMALL."  We have fine-tuned, polished, focused and are heavily featuring our small and intimate packages for 2021 and 2022.  

Couples are asking for:

  • exclusive access to the venue including the lawn, house and pool;

  • the maximum permitted for lodging; and that

  • food and beverage be handled very carefully by very few people. 


We can accommodate 14 to lodge, but can make room for more.  We have a culinary genius as our chef who prepares offsite and finishes fresh onsite. Chef and staff are always fully masked and gloved. And, we assure you that we take every suggested cleaning and safety protocol seriously so that our families and their guests feel safe. 

* * * * *


We want to offer our guests a peaceful “low-to-no-stress” event. Our vision is for Tuscan Hill to be a blessing to all who come through our gates! As you plan your event, you may find that a 4-hour MicroWedding is all you need. Or you may need the 14-hour full day. But if having exclusive access for a few days, along with complete flexibility and freedom from stress is high on your wish list, you may want to book our "Weekend Wedding Experience". 

Whatever option you choose, we want to provide you with exactly what you need to bring your vision alive! We want your planning to be pleasant, your efforts to be enjoyable, and as you and others paint the canvas of your event, you realize you are moving through those hours unhurried, feeling complete peace, joy, and loving every minute of it!

      Please Note: 

We welcome requests for variations and adjustments to provide you with a fully customized event perfect for you!

So, just ask.


  • Time and Space on the 12-Acre private, gated estate

  • Use of our beautifully-appointed large lounges

  • Your choice of 14 Ceremony Locations

  • Your choice of 5 Reception Locations

  • Tables and Chairs for up to 200 guests

  • Parking for 105 cars

  • Access to our recommended Vendor Partners

  • A superb staff to make your day phenomenal

ADD-ON OPTIONS (but included in "Weekend Wedding Experience"):

  • Overnight Lodging

  • Food and Beverage 

  • The "Selfie Studio" complete with backdrops, props, fruited water, heat, air, and music

  • Tall Bistro tables and white spandex linens

  • Tuscan Arbor for backdrop

  • Patio Heaters for a cool night


  • MicroWedding   |   $1,750   |   4 hours scheduled on Sundays   |   View Details HERE.

  • Full-Day Wedding   |   $3,500   |   9 am - 11 pm   |   View Detail HERE.

  • Weekend Wedding Experience  |   $4,900 - 11,000  |   3 day/2 night All-Inclusive   |   View Details HERE.

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