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Evergreen Dining Experience


Evergreens are continually relevant, enduring, fresh and remain vital by continually shedding and replacing leaves of the past season only after new foliage has completely formed. 


Like the enduring nature of an evergreen, the “Evergreen” Dining Concept blends what we love most about our food and dining experiences so that sharing a meal forever remains relevant, enduring, fresh and vital to life, love and relationships.

We combine the enduring tradition of gathering around the table with the age-old practice of procuring food that was grown within the community to bring back the allure of private dining experiences that has, in many ways, been forgotten.

The Evergreen Dining Experience endurance philosophy . . . 

- using only the finest quality ingredients
- which are always locally-sourced
- and always super-seasonal
- and so, of course, freshly-prepared
- for our thoughtfully-crafted courses
- that are always skillfully-executed
- and artfully-presented
- and graciously-served
- in a lively, lovely, inviting atmosphere
- never the same dining experience
- and, always a secret until served


What you can also expect...

—Welcome beverage

—Coffee, Tea & Water

Guests are welcome to bring beverages of choice.


Book your private dinner for 2-50 today. $45-$95/person for 4-9 courses.

If you have questions or want more information, message us on the Contact tab.

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