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Without the business community where would we be? The healthy economic condition of our beloved Springfield has been built brick by brick and block by block because of the vision, courage and strength of entrepreneurs, both past and present.


At Tuscan Hill, we believe our venue is like a post-modern-day well. Still in some cultures today, and certainly in centuries past, people of all ages, socioeconomic statuses, and belief systems would cross paths at the well. It’s where people must go every day to gather water for the day. It was the marketplace. When we open our doors for business, we open our doors to cross paths with all people in today’s marketplace. If we love what we do and we fully believe in our mission and vision for our businesses, then we can’t help but positively impact all who come to our place of business . . . our well. At Tuscan Hill, our mission statement reads:


     “To bless and honor all who come through our gates to celebrate life’s significant moments.” That mission is most likely at the core of all of our businesses and at the heart of who we are as people walking the same planet, breathing the same air.


Businesses have used our space for many types of events including:

Strategic Planning Sessions

Annual Board Meetings

Thank-You Luncheons

Murder Mystery Team-Building Experience

Client Receptions

Product Launches

Employee All-Day Training

Monthly Off-Site Staff Meetings

We offer a FREE business meeting to any business who sponsors a local nonprofit fundraising event at Tuscan Hill.


Want to do even more?  We also offer a FREE large event to all Corporate Sponsors who would like to partner with us to provide a 3-year sponsorship for a local nonprofit to hold fundraising events.

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